Graduate Courses

  • Survey in Science and Technology Studies
  • Social Studies of Technology
  • Technology Foresight and Imagination
  • Mobility, Power, and Policy
  • Robot Policy

Undergraduate Courses

  • Humans, Machines, and Society
  • The Engineer's Life


Doctoral Students

  • Hanbyul Jeong
  • Kijun Yun
  • Seunghee Cho
  • Heesun Shin
  • Sungeun Kim
  • Heewon Kim

Master's Students

  • Jung Hoon Cho
  • Hyewon Choi
  • Miryang Kang


  • Youngsu Kim, M.S. (2013) "Electricity Dispatch, Accidents, and Experience in the Age of Automation: A Study of the Central Load Dispatch Center in Korea and the Nationwide Rolling Blackout in 2011"
  • Hanbyul Jeong, M.S. (2014) "Disconnected by IT : Technology, Knowledge Transfer, and Interaction in KAIST Education 3.0"
  • Hanah Cho, M.S. (2014) "The da Vinci Controversy: Technological Imperative, Surgeons' Pride, and Health Care Policy in Korean Robotic Surgery"
  • Daeun Lee, M.S. (2015) "Student Entrepreneurs at KAIST : The Impact of the Startup Promotion Policy on Engineering Universities in Korea"
  • Jieun Park, M.S. (2016) "Avoiding Ambiguity, Enhancing Transparency: The Problem of Legitimacy in South Korea’s New Health Technology Assessment System"
  • Heesun Shin, M.S. (2016) "Will Robots Save Us? Disaster Robotics and Sociotechnical Imaginary in South Korea"
  • Jae Young Byun, M.S. (2017) "The University Rankings Phenomenon: Gaining Insight into Higher Education Ideology"
  • Sungeun Kim, M.S. (2017) "Against the Control Tower: The Safe-net Project and Disaster Policy in South Korea"
  • Jun Gyu Kim, M.S. (2019) "An Analysis of Image-Related Research Misconducts in a Retraction Database"